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The Black Beauty and Wellness Foundation is a national 501(c)(3) organization established to empower Black women & girls with the knowledge to choose healthier lifestyles. At the heart of the Foundation is an appreciation for Black women’s interest in beauty and for the unique role that the beauty industry plays in Black culture. The Black Beauty and Wellness Foundation is committed to the mental and physical health and total well-being of Black Women and Girls through forums, health education, health screenings, fitness programs and beauty regimens. 



We work with local stakeholders to empower our community to take an active role in their total health by understanding and being responsive to their immediate health care needs. We do this through education, screenings, access to care, and promoting healthy living strategies for mind, body, and soul. 

Program Partners

our team

Margo Wade LaDrew - photo copy.jpg

Margo Wade LaDrew

Founder / CEO


Kai El Zabar


Tanya Lyda

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Gloria Coulanges

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