Helping Communities Help Themselves

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The COVID-19 Health Initiative is a subdivision of the Black Beauty Shop Program. 

We partnered with local beauty supply stores, salons, and barber shops throughout

California to provide education, testing sites, pop-up vaccine clinics and locations along with updated resources on COVID-19 to support our community. Participating Cities included:


Northern CA                      Southern CA

Fresno                                       Inland Empire

Bakersfield                                 Los Angeles County

Sacramento                               San Diego County



Other surrounding counties

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Los Angeles County of Public Health The Sierra Health Foundation

Blue Shield of CA

CA Black Women’s Health Project |Wade & Associates Group, LLC

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Beauty-n-Motion Walk Run 4 Life is the first ever Collaborative Mental Health Prevention Walk Run in the U.S. for women of color. National, regional and local women’s organizations and health outreach groups work together to raise awareness and funds for each of their programs as well as partner in providing Mental Health Programs and Support, Preventative Health, Education, and Advocacy Initiatives throughout the year as a team. Together we will connect women with the resources in the communities for much needed prevention care and access to care. Beauty-n-motion is the only national walk dedicated to our mental well-being. 

Our regional events welcomes more than 8,000 participants. donors, spectators and volunteers locally in our targeted cities in the U.S.

The Beauty-N-Motion 5k Walk/Run gives supporters and sponsors invaluable exposure in local and national African American communities.