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The Black Beauty and Wellness Foundation is a national 501(c)(3) organization established to empower Black women & girls with the knowledge to choose healthier lifestyles. At the heart of the Foundation is an appreciation for Black women’s interest in beauty and for the unique role that the beauty industry plays in Black culture. The Black Beauty and Wellness Foundation is committed to the mental and physical health and total wellbeing of Black Women and Girls through forums, health education, health screenings, fitness programs and beauty regimens. 

We work with local stakeholders to empower our community to take an active role in their total health by understanding and being responsive to their immediate health care needs. We do this through education, screenings, access to care, and promoting healthy living strategies for mind, body, and soul. 


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Black BeautyShop.

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For black women, our mental health and well-being tie in directly with the people we trust to do our hair. When you allow someone to touch your tender tendrils, you’ve instilled a level of trust in that person. That’s probably why our hair stylists become a sounding board for us—the therapist we didn’t know we needed. Our goal at the Black Beauty Shop is to empower stylists with the necessary tools to provide resources to our community, specifically for their mental health. We’re asking all stylists throughout the country to join the Black BeautyShop movement. 


In the past, we’ve worked with stylists in different capacities and there are many ways to get involved. From hosting events at your salon, becoming a Community Resource Center, to being a team at our Beauty-n-Motion Walk/Run, your involvement in Black BeautyShop is up to you and the needs of your clients.


We started this initiative in 2012 as the Black Beauty Shop and have partnered with many stylists in Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, DC, Baltimore, and New York. In our re-emergence, we’re looking to partner with more stylists and offer even more resources to help the women who come to you with the Black Beauty Shop as our lead initative.  

The Black Beauty Shop is where beauty and wellness merge bringing everything that makes us beautiful, from our bodies to our minds; where we hang or who we hang with; what motivates us to how we relax. The Black BeautyShop Health Foundation turns Black women’s interest in beauty and personal care into opportunities for raising awareness.



Helping Communities

Help Themselves

The COVID-19 Health Initiative

is a community outreach program

that assist communities with

vital resources.

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Black Beauty Shop Initiatives

Black BeautyShop programs that

works to empower

Black Women of Color

 in their total health

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